Them, us and COVID-19

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Virus. Pandemic. Lockdown. Isolation. Distancing. Shielding. PPE. Keyworker. Zoom. Unprecedented. Our vocabulary has evolved over the last few months. Words have taken on a different meaning. Terms we’d rarely used before now dominate the headlines, crowd our screens, and pepper our conversations. We’re experiencing a rapidly evolving, global event which has changed all … Continue reading Them, us and COVID-19

And equally for healthcare 💟

Last Friday morning I tweeted a list of ten things I think we need to do – and stop doing - to let love in to social care: a mini synopsis of the blog I’d just published. Gathering of Kindness Scotland retweeted my tweet, with the comment “And equally for healthcare 💟” Ironically I … Continue reading And equally for healthcare 💟

Joining the dots… letting love (back) in to social care

“We need to reclaim the concept of love, not as an abstract, all embracing, fantasy but as a set of ethics, principles, values and behaviours. A love that is justice in action…”Bell Hooks [1] As I suggested in my previous blog, we’ve spent so long focusing on the shadows of social care that we seem … Continue reading Joining the dots… letting love (back) in to social care

Words that make me go hmmm: Case

In the statutory social care world, we talk about cases all the time. We screen, allocate, assess, manage, transfer and close cases. We carry caseloads. We have active cases and passive cases. We deal with complex/challenging/difficult cases. We record case notes and maintain case records in our case management systems. We hold case conferences and … Continue reading Words that make me go hmmm: Case