Them, us and COVID-19

Coronavirus. COVID-19. Virus. Pandemic. Lockdown. Isolation. Distancing. Shielding. PPE. Keyworker. Zoom. Unprecedented. Our vocabulary has evolved over the last few months. Words have taken on a different meaning. Terms we’d rarely used before now dominate the headlines, crowd our screens, and pepper our conversations. We’re experiencing a rapidly evolving, global event which has changed all … Continue reading Them, us and COVID-19

And equally for healthcare 💟

Last Friday morning I tweeted a list of ten things I think we need to do – and stop doing - to let love in to social care: a mini synopsis of the blog I’d just published. Gathering of Kindness Scotland retweeted my tweet, with the comment “And equally for healthcare 💟” Ironically I … Continue reading And equally for healthcare 💟

Joining the dots… letting love (back) in to social care

“We need to reclaim the concept of love, not as an abstract, all embracing, fantasy but as a set of ethics, principles, values and behaviours. A love that is justice in action…”Bell Hooks [1] As I suggested in my previous blog, we’ve spent so long focusing on the shadows of social care that we seem … Continue reading Joining the dots… letting love (back) in to social care