Beyond blame

As I discussed in my previous blog post, the language of social care is filled with words that blame people seeking and drawing on support. ‘Hard to reach’. ‘Refuses to engage’. ‘Frequent flyers’. ‘Carer breakdown’. ‘Bed blockers’. ‘Challenging behaviour’. ‘Non-compliant’. ‘Complex’. ‘Difficult’. ‘Vulnerable’. And many more. These terms don’t just feature in our conversations and … Continue reading Beyond blame


The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures introduced to control the spread of the virus have challenged our identities. We’ve gained labels that change the way we are seen, and the way we see ourselves. Vulnerable. Shielding. Furloughed. Key worker. Carer. Hero. Isolating. Isolated. We’ve lost loved ones. Livelihoods. Connections to the people and places that … Continue reading Identity